On the Road (2013)   The book you hold in your hands presents a selection of Boris, Németh’s photographs from 2007. Shortly before that he, began to cooperate with .týždeň magazine, which is considered, a model illustrated journal by many. In 2008, Németh, graduated from the Department of Photography and New, Media

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Transformations of Slovakia (2012)   It is the year 2012, and two photographers decided to make a report about the transformation of the country in which they live. They barely remember the years before the crucial date of ´89. They are contemporaries of what is happening right

slovakia im lovin it boris nemeth

              Slovakia Im Lovin It (2011) In form of paradoxes and subtle shades of meaning this project makes a statement about Slovakia. The product and at the same time the victim of the social transformation after 1989.

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He broke in. Later he came to thank me for not denouncing him to the police. I asked“ „Which door did you burst?“ And he showed me the door to his current room.    About half of the man are alcoholics. However they don´t drink becouse they are

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Your partner is the person you are married to or are having a romantic or sexual relationship with.   A fireman is a person (usually a man) whose job is to put out fires.   The planet is a large circular object in space that orbits a star.   Mayor is a person at