Bratislava Kosice back and forth

Bratislava Košice / back an forth (2020)

Chairman of Voluntary Fire Department. Budča, Slovakia, 2019     Car accident. Žilina, Slovakia, 2018     Robert Fico. He joined the Communist Party of Slovakia in 1987. Member of National Council of the Slovak Republic, served as a Prime Minister of Slovakia (2006-2010, 2012-2018). He has been the leader of left-wing

COVID – 19 (2020)

COVID 19   The global pandemic came suddenly and caught us unprepared, life in Slovakia almost stopped and only very slowly it starts moving again. I portrait in a veil, the respondents also have it, I miss non-verbal gestures, smiles and normal communication when taking photos. My

Europe (2018)

                              Europe (2018)   I was born in socialist Czechoslovakia, behind the Iron Curtain. My first memory of Europe is from 1990. I was ten years old and after the borders opened we went shopping to the neighbouring Austria. And there they were. All those things that were

Homeland (2016)

                                  Homeland (2016)   Homeland is a project about nationalism in us all. Although it could be understood as a portrait of a decaying society or as a cycle about the search for national identity. It does not have the look of a traditional document, it is more of a series of visual

From a life of a country

From a life of a country (2015)

  Since 2007 I have travelled through towns and the countryside, attended folklore and music festivals, political protests, religious celebrations, pilgrimages and air shows. I don’t photograph them in purely documentary way. My chronicle is not supposed to be factual, history does not flow linearly. I

transformations of slovakia boris nemeth jan viazanicka premeny slovenska

Transformations of Slovakia (2013)

  After 1150 years, the thoughts of Sts. Cyril and Methodius became a tool to spread different ideas, ancient and new, religious and also political ones. The two photographers, Boris Németh and Ján Viazanička, bring a visual report about how the arrival of the Solun Brothers was celebrated in 2013, not only

On the Road (2013)

                                  The book you hold in your hands presents a selection of Boris, Németh’s photographs from 2007. Shortly before that he, began to cooperate with .týždeň magazine, which is considered, a model illustrated journal by many. In 2008, Németh, graduated from the Department of Photography and New, Media of the Academy

premeny slovenska transformations of slovakia boris nemeth jan viazanicka documentary photography

Transformations of Slovakia (2012)

It is the year 2012, and two photographers decided to make a report about the transformation of the country in which they live. They barely remember the years before the crucial date of ´89. They are contemporaries of what is happening right now, more than